How PayPal enhances employee collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Financial technology innovator PayPal is constantly on the lookout for new ways to modernise their operations. The company’s existing mix of communications solutions had resulted in siloed data and limited international collaboration.

Standardising on Microsoft 365, the company uses Microsoft Teams to easily discover and share internally. It also enhanced collaboration, both in meetings and between international coworkers.



This success was guided by a comprehensive change management plan that resulted in wide-ranging employee enthusiasm.


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Dan Torunian: Vice President of Employee Technology and Experiences and Data Centers, PayPal

To operate as a single global group, we needed to work from a single platform. Microsoft Teams gave us increased productivity and collaboration, along with the increased security of Office 365, the ability to do data archiving, data retention—and the sense that each of us are equally part of PayPal, no matter where we work.

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